Homes for Sale in Paris, ON

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Paris, Ontario

Paris is a gorgeous town just south of Kitchener-Waterloo and neighbouring Brantford, seated on the Grand Riverand the Ninth river, its nickname is “ the prettiest small town “, a nickname it lives up to by often being a site for T.V and movie studios.

It is known for being home to some of the only cobblestone homes and churches in Canada. They were all built by the same man, the legendary Levi Boughton.

It has a population of just over 14,00 and is still growing, as Paris has become a popular bedtown for commuters who take the 403 or work in K-W.

Is Paris, Ontario a Good Place to Live?

Do you enjoy quiet nights where everything closes at 9pm. Small cafes and restaurants where you recognize your neighbours, scenic views unobstructed by massive skyscrapers. Do you desire to portage the ninth?

The main appeal to Paris is the small town experience while having amenities nearby in cities like Brantford, where a general hospital is located. Kitchener – Waterloo, Cambridge, Burlington are all a short drive away, you can even “ road trip “ to Toronto. Overall, the locals all love their town, their only real complaint is the winter commuting.

Housing Market

Paris is mostly composed of gorgeous detached housing, and there isn’t a single highrise in the entire town. While the lack of density creates spectacular views, it also makes for an expensive housing market, and there’s not much available for rent.

For investors, Paris makes an excellent choice, its market chart hasn’t had a dip in over 10 years. While chart-watching experts suggest this market is overdue for a correction, in reality, there just hasn’t been enough construction to meet demand for housing, and most of the housing was built in the 1990s or before, so this upward trend will most likely only continue.

While some efforts have been made to streamline applications for development, there simply is no silver bullet to the housing shortage. Recently, residents of Paris have been refusing the construction of highrise buildings, if you’re looking to live somewhere where you’ll always have lots of room, Paris will continue to provide space.


Long ago, Paris was a picturesque country town, a resting place for the well off, and a base for mining valuable gypsum. Now there are over 4,000 jobs available within 25 kilometres of Paris. The county Paris is in has an exceptionally high income, well above the national median, its largest

The economy of Paris is divided into 4 core sectors; trades, sales, management, and finance. Within the core sectors, the largest employers are in manufacturing, retail, healthcare. Some major employers include the chocolate company Ferraro, Toyota MFG, Proctor and Gamble.

An advantage to Paris is its central location, many residents use the 403 to work in other cities such as Hamilton, Toronto, and Kitchener – Waterloo.

Things To Do

While it has a reputation for slowing down at night, Paris isn’t as sleepy during the day.

For the adventurous types;

There are scenic bike trails, such as Barker’s bush which is located on the ninth river. The municipality maintains Barker’s. The ninth river empties into Paris, is a great source of nature and entertainment and is a popular spot to portage. Next to the ninth is Lion’s park, an excellent place to picnic. Follow the river to Penman’s dam, and enjoy the sights.

Continuing the river theme, the grand river is also nearby and is a fun spot to swim, raft. While the Grand is a clean river, it is in its natural state, both the ninth and the grand river are wild rivers and are filled with critters and silt, so while swimmable, it does come with risk. For most of the year, the ninth is very calm, but during the spring the winter melt turns parts of the ninth into a whitewater rapid.

For the less outdoorsy, Paris has a theatre, the paris performers.

Its central location also means you can explore the rest of Brant county, or enjoy the amenities of nearby cities.


Paris was founded as a mining town by British colonists, it was one of the first mines in Ontario. It is named after the famed art material, plaster of Paris, which was mined. Like most of southern Ontario, many of the first colonists were Americans, who then invested heavily in the region to entice European settlers.

Early in its history, valuable fertilizing minerals were found in the region as well, creating enormous demand for its mining and agriculture as well, and would contribute to Ontario having some of the most fertile soil in the world.

In the mid 1800’s, famed sculptor Levi Boughton would arrive from America and would be commissioned to create what would later become of the only examples of cobblestone architecture in Canada.

Cobblestone architecture is a tradition that can be traced back to the Roman empire, is very expensive to build, and few recent examples of it exist. The stone that composes the roughly 14 cobble structures came from the Grand River. Later, Alexander Grahm Bell would invent the telephone in the neighbouring city of Brantford, and would make the first phone call to downtown Paris.


Paris has roughly 5 elementary schools and one high-school which are all managed by the Grand Erie district school board. While there are no post-secondary institutions in Paris, there are multiple Universities and Colleges nearby, Conestoga College has a campus in the neighbouring Brantford.

Retirement and Healthcare

With one of the highest average ages in Ontario at 47, Paris has excellent access to healthcare and great retirement homes. Paris has many clinics and the Paris Medical Centre, which is not quite a hospital but offers similar services, such as a small emergency clinic. For more serious needs, the Brantford General Hospital is nearby.


Paris is a small-town that will definitely stay small. If you’re looking for an idyllic place to retire and never have to worry about the busyness of neighbouring cities, then contact us to call it home.