Homes for Sale in Langton, ON

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Langton, Ontario

Langton is a little hamlet located in Norfolk county. A hamlet is smaller than a village, and in Britain, a hamlet has no church. But Langton is in Ontario, and has 2 churches, and an LCBO a small walk away.

About 45 minutes from Woodstock and on the north coast of Lake Erie, Langton is the smallest small town in Ontario, being only 5km in length, you can reasonably use a horse to get around town.

Is Langton a Good Place to Live?

Surrounded by nature and calm lakes, it doesn’t get any quieter than Langton, or more quaint. If you like beaches, drive-ins and friendly neighbours, it’s definitely a slice of heaven.

However, there are no nearby cities, the closest is London at 80 kilometres, so you better be really looking to escape the cut of city life, because you can’t really get further than this. Expect less cars, less people, less everything, but more trees and water.

Housing Market

There are some homes for rent in Langton, and a couple more for sale. There are no apartment buildings in this hamlet so the prices you see reflect that of detached properties, entire homes, usually with lots of land to spare.

This is a rural community and has many rural commercial listings. Like the rest of Norfolk, Langton has seen a surge in its sale price due to a shortage of homes on the Ontario real-estate market.

The appeal of living in Langton also causes prices to rise, it’s a great destination for older folk looking to escape the chaos of city living and want lots of land to park their boats and other toys. Langton is also in the region of Southern Ontario with the cleanest air.


There are about 300 jobs available in the Langton area, primarily focused on its core industries, agricultural, manufacturing, and green houses.

Many of the younger residents have found remote jobs, the biggest workforce advantage of Langton is the possibility of remote work, while enjoying the much lower cost of living.

Langton has a sizable retired population who enjoy the natural amenities. If you’re considering Langton, consider it primarily as either a place to retire or work remotely, or don’t, you don’t have to listen to me.

Langton agriculture employs many migrant workers, and yearly, hosts around 5000 temporary workers, from south america and the Caribbean, which are considered essential to sustaining the agricultural community.

Langton will most likely continue to grow economically, residents describe themselves as having an entrepreneurial spirit, expanding facilities such as strawberry green houses. In some subdivisions, there are as many green houses as people.

More recently, Wayland Group opened a cannabis production facility in Langton, which is over 200,000 square feet.

Things To Do

Just because it has less, doesn’t mean it has less to do. Surrounded by nature, lakes, conservation areas, Langton is ideal for the naturalist. Nearby is the glacier carved coast of Lake Erie and the wonders of Long-point national park. Long point is beautiful, containing rare species of bird because it is a seasonal home to thousands of birds. This is an excellent place to cycle, walk, run, and you never have to worry about traffic.

Lake Erie has several Marinas to enjoy boating. The largest marina is the MacDonald turkey point marina. It is the largest fresh water marina in Canada. It is 80 acres and offers full-service. The marina is popular with partiers, with sandy beaches, the locals even complain about the tourists who visit every year.

Deer Creek Conservation Area; This is a massive man made lake, created as a reservoir following the development of a dam. It has since become wild, a home to fish and animals. The lake itself is over 80 acres and can be boated, swam, and is popular for fishing. There are 40+ campsites with varying levels of amenities.

There is a culture of sports in Langton, for example, Norfolk has a competitive football association.


It is suspected that Langton was named after its counterpart in the United Kingdom, based on the plan by its first Governor, Simcoe, to create a “ little Britain “, which he hoped would inspire continued investment from the British government. Before Simcoe, the region was inhabited by the first nations, who lived and hunted in the region.

Langton was founded during the golden age of tobacco, and was the financial centre of the tobacco belt. The combination of rich soil, easy access to fertiliser, and freshwater, made the region of Norfolk an ideal area to grow tobacco.

This was a lucrative industry which attracted migrants across North America and Europe, until the negative health effects of smoking were revealed, and the government of Canada had to intervene to help the region switch industries. Against the odds, there is still a lucrative tobacco farm in Langton.


There is one public and one Catholic elementary school in Langton. Langton public is managed by the grand erie district school board. Just a couple minutes south of Langton is a rural highschool, Valley Heights. There aren’t really any nearby post secondary institutions, the closest being in either London or Brantford, a minimum of a one hour drive.


While there are no retirement homes or hospitals in Langton, there is a county clinic. Nearby towns and cities have more extensive health facilities. There is the Norfolk General Hospital in Simcoe, about 20 minutes away. This is a massive state of the art facility and also a major employer. It offers every service a person could need from a hospital, emergency, surgery, long term care, and more.


Langton is ideal for a unique band of folk; someone looking to escape cities, the naturalist, a person drawn to the waterfront. More recently, the type of person to state they love Langton is working a remote job, or one of the rare agriculture – entrepreneurs.

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