Homes for Sale in Innerkip, ON

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Homes for Sale in Innerkip, Ontario

Innerkip is a village located between London and Kitchener – Waterloo, just north of Woodstock, which it shares the Thames river with. The village and surrounding area have a population of just over 7000. It is a short drive from Highway 401, 402, and 403.

Founded by pioneers, Innerkip was located on the tobacco belt, growing tobacco and dairy. The town is named after Inverkip, a historic parish in the lowlands of Scotland, named by Innerkip’s first portmaster, as Inverkip was the birth-place of his wife.

By chance, the postal service mis-read the post master’s handwriting as Innerkip, and it has remained with that spelling for the last 170 years.

Is Innerkip a Good Place to Live?

Innerkip is a small spacious community between multiple cities, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, and a 10 minute drive from woodstock. This area is ideal for those looking for the small-town life while being close to the amenities of larger metro areas.

The people of innerkip enjoy its natural areas, low population density, access to fresh farm produce, strong health-care, and like most smaller communities, a lower cost of living when compared to its neighbors.

Innerkip also has a master development plan which includes expandings it park and recreation facilities.

Just outside Innerkip, you can find both natural and human made lakes. The region is a very popular natural area, featuring hundreds of camping and RV spots, low light pollution ( to see the stars a bit better ), t0 skyscrapers, and a great place to see some rare animals.

With these perks, it’s no wonder why some of the wealthiest Canadians choose to live here.


Innerkip still has strong roots in its original industries, agriculture and manufacturing. Recently, the county has expanded its health-care and social services in response to its aging community.

The region has several business initiatives available to those looking to build a business in the area, for example, the southwestern Ontario development fund, which provides funding and services to businesses and charities looking to work in the region.

The region also has a business retention and expansion program, a community based program designed to help local businesses be more competitive.

The town’s official plan states that development in residential and commercial land will occur through intensification , in an effort to promote efficient land use, maintain a healthy environment, and centralize its municipal services.

Innerkip maintains its entrepreneurial spirit, most of its businesses are still locally owned and operated, staying true with its pioneer heritage. The average income of innerkip residents is higher than the rest of Ontario.

Because of its location, Innerkip is a great place to live for those working in Woodstock, Kitchener – Waterloo, and London. Many long haul truckers also find it an easy place to call home.


There isn’t a single highrise in Innerkip, unlike some cities, when you look up, you can see the sky. The homes in Innerkip are almost all detached houses, sitting on large lots.

The average home in Innerkip can be fairly luxurious, and the price of housing reflects this. Many homes in Innerkip have pools, or other fun additions to the above average plot of land.

Rentals are rare on this market, however there is demand for rentals in the area . This is because it would be a cheaper nearby alternative to Woodstock. With the region’s desire for intensification, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for a developer to find a good opportunity to build a low-rise apartment.

Things To Do

Innerkip Highlands is a nine hole membership golf course. It is located in the center of the town. Built in the 1980’s, it is extremely and wwell maintained and the club-house is very luxurious.

Trout Lake Quarry – Trout lake is a great swimming and camping spot in the southern part of Innerkip, and is one of Innerkips best attractions.

Originally, it was a quarry that supplied rock for rail beds, until it was abandoned and flooded in the late 1930’s. It has around 30ft of depth, and has become a popular location for diving and scuba training.

Under the water are cars, boats, and planes divers can explore. The lake is surrounded by farmland, and has many campsites and trailers available for rent.

Parks and Waterfronts – Innerkip has a lot of green space, and while trout lake is a notable family business, there are several natural and wild lakes nearby. Innerkip park has a baseball diamond.

A couple minutes away is park haven lake, a spring fed lake with docks, this is a hidden gem for fishing and boating. In the area are campsites and retired adult communities.

The region is a good spot for bird watching, occasionally rare geese have been spotted in the area.


Innerkip has one local elementary school, Innerip central public. Most student are most likely studying in the nearby Woodstock.

The neighbouring Waterloo region is home to the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, it is also home to Conestoga College. On the opposite side, Western University is located in London, along with Fanshaw college.


The region was settled by pioneers from the United States and Scotland.

A large amount of Scottish settlers came to the area during the forced emigration of the 1800’s, during that time Scotland was experiencing severe economic depression, or were forcefully moved to the area by an event called the Highland Clearances.

The clearances were a series of aggressive measures to change to industrial farming, many landlords evicted their villages to make more room for industrial farmland.

Many of these villages were given two options, move to industrial Glasgow, or rural Canada. Many of the villagers who chose Canada were from religious communities that feared being prosecuted, or losing their clan.


The nearby Woodstock hospital is a state of the art facility featuring the most advanced medical facilities Canada can offer. For less urgent needs, Woodstock and the nearby Ingersol have walk-in clinics.

Several physicians call Innerkip home, so if you’re nice to your neighbours, you can potentially save yourself the 10 minute drive.


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