Homes for Sale in Ingersoll, ON

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Maybe you have heard of Ingersoll, its gorgeous parks, its proximity to London, through the hero Laura Secord, or perhaps, you heard of the legendary touring cheese of Ingersoll, the ancient mammoth cheddar.

Ingersoll is a quirky small town of just over 13,000 people, located on the 401, east of London. It has an atmosphere of history and nature, rich in culture and tradition, these perks make Ingersoll a popular spot for day-trippers from nearby cities.

Is Ingerlsol a Good Place to Live?

Like its neighbours London and Woodstock, this town is experiencing a boom. Its population has been increasing and its economy diversifying. One of the ideals of living here is its lower than average cost of living. You also won’t be losing on any amenities, because London is only 30 minutes away. Ingersoll is surrounded by woodland, when it was first settled, it was chosen because it was considered remote and wild, while heavily developed today, the surrounding forests have been maintained. Overall, Ingersoll is known for its beauty and history, a wonderful palace to live.


There are currently 1500 jobs available in the town and surrounding region. Its core industries are agriculture and manufacturing. A surprise to some, southern ontario has some of the most fertile soil in the world, and towns like Ingersoll have very healthy economies that serve agriculture; food processing, transportation, and logistics. The region even becomes home to thousands of seasonal workers from South America and the caribbean.

Ingersoll also has a heavy manufacturing plant, CAMI automotive, which builds cars for GM, was recently developed, and was built as part of a large investment into Ingersoll. At one point CAMI employed over 3000 people. More investment into this plant is expected, because GM has announced CAMI as their first electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Canada.

Ingersoll also sees quite a bit of tourism, which employs almost as much as its manufacturing base. For its small population, it has a couple hotels, inns, restaurants, and shops to serve this seasonal crowd.

What is the housing market like in Ingersoll, what’s the rent like?

Dwindling inventory, soaring prices, these are the common themes of southern Ontario. While some of the price rise is because of population growth, a lot of it also comes from speculation. While speculators aren’t flocking to Ingersoll, instead it’s London getting all the attention, causing rents and home prices to increase by over 30%, and around 20% in Ingersoll. Home’s in Ingersoll are still around 100k cheaper than its neighbour, a much more fair market. Renting is also possible, but there aren’t any highrises in Ingersoll to soak up rental demand, creating a lot of investment potential in rentals.

In mid 2022 however, this speculation has slowed down. The dramatic rise in prices was mostly fueled by the pandemic, people were looking to escape cramped cities for the safety of the countryside. Now that pandemic panic has eased, many are starting to move back to urban centres.

The pandemic did reveal the massive shortage of new homes in southern Ontario, so longterm prices are likely to climb until new construction has closed the gap in demand. Unfortunately, development in Ontario takes time, so a correction in the housing market won’t happen soon. Using London as a best example, that city is home to 500,000 people, but has almost the same area as Toronto, which has a population of 3 million. This extremely low density is fueling the housing shortage, land is simply not being used efficiently.


Strap in for a wild ride. Like many small towns in Ontario, their sleepy, laid back nature today has been built off ancestral sacrifices, who experienced a violent and chaotic past.

It was first settled by Thomas Ingersoll, an American United Empire Loyalist looking to escape prosecution from the post-revolutionary government of the USA. He bought land in an area that was considered remote wilderness, but early settlers would find more trouble as once again, dark times fell upon the Empire, and American troops would raid and fight in the region. Ingersoll’s daughter, Laura Secord, would become a legendary hero during the war of 1812, for her journey across the Niagara region to prevent an American ambush.

After the war, Ingersoll had a boom period when its dairy industry grabbed the attention of the world. The world’s biggest cheddar, over 7000 pounds, was made in Ingersoll and toured across north america, before being bought and sent to England.

Things To Do

Dripping in culture, history, roads, there is a lot to do and places to go.

Sports complexes;

There are two indoor sports and recreation spots.

The Ingersoll memorial centre is a pretty big indoor event centre where locals play hockey. It’s so beloved by locals thats its being expanded, alongside its rinks there will eventually be a basketball court, and a second level for visitors.

Victoria Park community centre; this one has a pool. Victoria centre is a fitness complex, also beloved by residents, it has been upgraded and renovated over time. There’s aquatics programs.


Ingersoll theatre of performing arts and creative arts centre.

There’s a theme here, Ingersoll keeps updating its facilities, and the theatre was recently upgraded, more seats, better sound, and a new roof. It present live music and plays.

The creative arts centre is a gallery which also offers classes.


There are over 10 parks here or nearby. Victoria park is the oldest, also home to the memorial complex. Most of Ingersoll’s parks are dotted with ponds, these were built early in this town’s history to build dams or provide sources of water to mills. They have outdoor sports fields, picnic benches, playgrounds, and bathrooms. Others are access points to trails.

One unique park is the fusion youth centre. An indoor complex designed for those under 18, it offers interesting afternoon and weekend programs. There’s a skatepark here, popular with the nearby high schools.


Ingersoll is a gem, hidden between two massive city centres. Take advantage of this secret spot, and let us show you around.