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About Sunbeam Properties

We wanted to provide a wasteless real-estate experience, digital and paperless.

This offered cost savings, and a cleaner environment. The small realty team is based in Tillsonburg + area, a natural area that is in our interest to preserve.

We specialize in the local area and are excited to help you learn more about real estate in Tillsonburg. Sunbeam Properties is part of Century 21 Heritage House.

We work with:

  • Buyers
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  • People Moving in From Out of Town
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Our Background is Environmentalism

This team was started by life-long environmentalists and career investors. We watched the world adjust, and saw the price of older technologies such as fossil fuels rise like the tides, and with it, the trajectory of green assets. We spent some time protecting rainforests, within charities that stewarded the earth, and aiding some research with environment Canada.

Our success with green technology led us to look for other industries that need a more cooperative relationship with their natural space.

In 2020 we pivoted into Ontario real-estate, choosing towns like Tillsonburg and Drumbo as the sites suitable for new homes. However, we quickly found a massive service gap in Ontario housing, in both development and sales, so we specialized in both.

Why Choose Us as Your Small Town Realtor?

We understand that homes built green are healthier for you, and more efficient homes are more affordable. The most popular building certification for environment-minding homes is LEED, while the most common energy efficiency standard is Energy Star.

For Buyers:

What should you consider when moving out of a city?

Here’s an example;

Think about what your most important amenities are. A frequent concern is access to health care, surprisingly, small-town Ontario has very good access to health services.

If you’re concerned about access to hospitals, St Thomas, Norwich, and Tillsonburg are all home to state of the art hospitals.

Other considerations we specialize in:

Are you a commuter, working from home, or looking for change? We’re experts in the local economy of every small town. For a business executive or entrepreneur, a centrally located town like Paris is essential, you could have freedom of access, to the 401, across the GTA, and even the USA. For those looking for opportunity, growth, or investment, there are booming communities, experiencing high population growth that are worth considering.

Or, if you’re looking for a nostalgic and beautiful place to retire or downsize, we can find the life amenities you might love. For example, Long Point park, a massive biosphere reserve on the north shore of lake Erie. Long Point is surrounded by well developed settlements, and could be in your backyard, if you don’t mind sharing it with the 100’s of thousands of tourists that visit it every year.

For the Investor:

We understand the small town market. There is demand for both development and rentals, and we can provide the analytics to help you decide what the ideal location for your next project is.

Did you know many small town governments are actively promoting the development of their city, or that one of the leading price indicators is access to internet infrastructure? There are towns in Ontario that have committed serious funding into future proofing, and one that’s an experimental hub for self-driving cars. There are places that understand that their future prosperity relies on being able to house new residents, and offer grants or expedited rezoning for future developers. However, there are also towns that are shrinking, and where development is extremely difficult. We can help you figure out where to realize your investment, ideally in place with newly installed fibre internet.

For Sellers:

Even small upgrades to your home can pay off many times when the moment to sell arrives. We understand which green features are the most cost effective, and desirable to a buyer.

We also understand marketing, and being honest, it is our most powerful price action indicator. You should never sell a home without a marketing plan, and our marketing tools for selling homes are powerful steering mechanisms. During rises in the market, an excellent plan will break records. During a market dip, a plans will generate prices that exceed expectations. No sale should be done without the most competitive advantages, real-estate is fundamentally a market. We are full-time, available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our value for sellers; we are a green office, and work remotely, expect lower fees for business, or even consult us for doing business yourself, we even wrote a handy guide for DIY home sales. We have even more freebies; free in-depth, one on one, consultations, advanced searching tools ( we can even show listings before they’re public ), and market analytics.

Sometimes, we work on our own projects. Check out the latest, if available.

What Are LEED and Energy Star?


Leadership in energy and environmental design, is one of the most widely used energy rating systems.They are designed to improve your health, protect water, and save money with more efficient use of energy. LEED focuses on building material, and some older properties in Ontario can have potentially harmful materials, which are at-odds with the environment. Newer homes tend to be healthier for the environment and for you, these are qualities we look for when searching for property.

Energy Star;

This is a certification for products such as appliances, and energy use in buildings. Energy star buildings and appliances are at least 10% more energy efficient. These are great because they can save you money.

The essentials of buying environmentally:

There’s more to just the health of a home, we also provide air quality maps when house hunting, and air quality in Ontario can vary wildly. When was the last time a realtor offered you data on environmental health? Now this data isn’t essential for everyone, Ontario overall is pretty clean, but if you have a young family and want to have better knowledge, we can guide you on your journey.

Why small-town Ontario?

A simple reason, Ontario is one of the cleanest, healthiest places in the world. The air is pure, its water is clean and responsibly managed, it holds some of the most fertile soil on the planet. You can see some of the benefits of these factors in its people, responsible, dependable, that have faith in the towns they live in.

Environmentalists make great long-term investors. They are as stewards of the future as they are the earth.

We also understand the rich culture and history of each town, they’re all unique in their own way. If you want to move to a smaller town, it’s important to understand what each has to offer.




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